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Microsc. Microanal. Microstruct.
Volume 8, Number 6, December 1997
Page(s) 413 - 422
Microsc. Microanal. Microstruct. 8, 413-422 (1997)
DOI: 10.1051/mmm:1997132

Ion Beam Implantation and Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation. Application on Nitrided Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Alloy

Agnès Fabre1, Laurent Barrallier1, Frank Torregrosa2 et Laurent Roux2

1  Laboratoire MécaSurf, ENSAM, 2 cours des Arts et Métiers, 13617 Aix-en-Provence, France
2  Ion Beam Services (IBS), 101 ZI des Pradeaux, 13850 Gréasque, France

Due to its mechanical properties and low density, the Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy is used in hip prostheses. But the tribological behavior of Ti-6Al-4V sliding against ultra high molecular weight polyethylene involves wear degradations. The wear behavior of (Ti-6Al-4V/UHMWPE) couple can be improved by ion implantation of nitrogen. After a characterization study to find the optimal parameters for classic ion implantation, this study presents an analysis of wear behavior in comparison with chemical composition, microhardness and adhesion work for a new implantation technique, plasma immersion ion implantation.

6170T - Doping and implantation of impurities.
6180J - Ion beam effects.
6220M - Fatigue, brittleness, fracture, and cracks.
8140N - Fatigue, embrittlement, and fracture.
8140P - Friction, lubrication, and wear.
6220P - Tribology.
8190 - Other topics in materials science.

Key words
adhesion -- aluminium alloys -- ion implantation -- microhardness -- sliding friction -- titanium alloys -- vanadium alloys -- wear -- ion beam implantation -- plasma immersion ion implantation -- nitrided Ti 6Al 4V titanium alloy -- hip prostheses -- polyethylene -- sliding -- wear degradation -- chemical composition -- microhardness -- adhesion -- TiAlV

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