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Microsc. Microanal. Microstruct.
Volume 3, Number 5, October 1992
Page(s) 415 - 431
Microsc. Microanal. Microstruct. 3, 415-431 (1992)
DOI: 10.1051/mmm:0199200305041500

HREM investigation of n = 4 members of the tubular bismuth cuprates (Bi2+xSr2-xCUO6)n (Sr8Cu6O16+y)

Bernadette Domengès1, Maria Teresa Caldes1, Maryvonne Hervieu1, Amparo Fuertes2 et Bernard Raveau1

1  Laboratoire de Cristallographie et Sciences des Matériaux, Bd. du Maréchal Juin, 14050 Caen Cedex, France
2  Institut de Ciencias de Materials de Barcelona (C.S.I.C.), Campus UAB-08193-Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain

The HREM study of the fourth members of the tubular bismuth cuprates family, Bi4Sr8Cu5O19, Bi4Sr7LaCu5O19.5 and Bi4Sr8Cu3Fe2O20 is performed. The microstructure of most crystals is characterized by domains showing a regular atom stacking. A new monoclinic-5 tubular structure is identified twice in large domains.

6118 - Other methods of structure determination.

Key words
Microstructure -- Crystal structure -- Monoclinic lattices -- Orthorhombic lattices -- Stacking sequence -- Electron microscopy -- High-resolution methods -- Quaternary compounds -- Multi-element compounds -- Tubular structure -- Bi4Sr8Cu5O19 -- Bi4Sr7LaCu5O19,5 -- Bi4Sr8Cu3Fe2O20

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